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Shapely Champagne

Custom made corsets are a world of pain until you know exactly what you’re doing. Until that time, I’ve decided to test different corset patterns until I stumble across a pattern I adore. I bought the Laughing Moon corset pattern from Sew Curvy and made the red satin corset I posted about previously. I would […]

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316 butterflies later…

  So now I have a wonderful reason to make as many corsets as possible, I find that inspiration is finding me again. I mentioned previously that I struggle to come up with ideas for corsets because I’m not an artist; I can’t draw from my imagination. It may be that I’m spending so much […]

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Blue blue electric blue…

I dabbled at making corsets when I was at university, so I understand the basics but I never allowed myself to be truly creative. I’m at a disadvantage because I’m not the typical creative person. I don’t have waves of ideas or see inspiration everywhere I go. I buy fabric, trims, embellishments, and the like, […]

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