Oxford Conference of Corsetry in Pictures

IMG_20140827_125054wpid-20140821_071425_1.jpg IMG_20140824_073843 IMG_20140824_101849 IMG_20140824_102452 wpid-gopr0277_1408861468066_high.jpg  IMG_20140824_183722 IMG_20140824_183606 IMG_20140824_183437 IMG_20140824_102535 wpid-20140804_224213_1.jpg wpid-img_20140824_010455.jpg wpid-gopr0177_1408861791779_high.jpg wpid-img_20140824_073843.jpg

Alejandra Desires, Clessidra, Oxford Conference of Corsetry, Videnoir Couture, Copper Lune, Evie Wolfe, Threnody in Velvet, Vivienne Westwood, Crikey Aphrodite , Alyssa Couture

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