I love redheads


I have dyed my hair red from the age of 12 and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. I’ve varied from postbox red to deep purple but I will never completely leave. I am converted. It makes me think back to my youth where I only had one doll. It was The Little Mermaid, she had hair longer than her body, and I loved her. I recall the obsession I felt. I didn’t invent imaginary scenarios about her swimming under the sea or speaking to the fish but, instead, I stared at her hair. I brushed it and cared for it and longed for such stunning locks. I am certain that’s why I find red hair so gorgeous.

The corset I am doing right now is for a ginger goddess. I like to match personalities as well as looks to corsets and this one calls for full military colours. It is a bit Christmassy but khaki and red go together beautifully. It probably appeals more to fetishists because of how defiant it looks. I can’t wait to see the sexiness of the red hair and khaki together. I’m using the Laughing Moon Silverado pattern for this. I’ve tried the Dore but fancied a change this time.

My Janome sewing machine is the nuts, by the way.

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