I hate sewing!!!! (with my current machine)

There’s nothing worse than having a love for corset making yet abhorring the process of making them. 

My current sewing machine is one that has no name and was bought on a whim. Now I find myself using it all the time, I realise how much I hate the bloody thing. At the worst possible moments, the thread snaps, the bobbin jams and means I need to unpick all the work I’ve done and redo it in order to keep it looking beautiful. During these times, I’ve accidentally ripped, frayed and destroyed the outer fashion fabric. At points like this I think ‘why the hell do you do this to yourself?’. All in all, it’s all worked out in the end but I just can’t be arsed with the possibility that it can all be wasted because of a substandard machine. So, I went looking for a new machine and have been won over by the Janome TXL607. I want all the wonderful little extras like thread cutting at the click of a button. I was all the lovely embroidery stitches it offers. I want options! This weekend, I plan to spend my hard-earned bonus on this beauty of a machine. What’s lovely is it is £50 off and comes with a free quilting kit worth £99.

My new ingenious plan is to make a lot of complete linings with my coutil so that half the work is done. I find the process of making each corset from scratch very stressful! To be honest, it the urge to see the finished product that makes the yearning so much worse. Therefore, I’ve decided that I can help myself by spending a few weeks making half the corset and then having lots and lots of fun creating the outside. Before I start that, though, I’ll be testing out all 402 stitches and seeing which ones will look great on the next corset I’m planning. 

The next corset will be for another friend who is a stunning redhead. I have decided to put her in a military style corset. She will look fabulous. Image

2 Comments on “I hate sewing!!!! (with my current machine)”

  1. Sounds like you made the right decision to get a new machine. The problems you have with your current one are enough to take the joy out of sewing for everyone. I also own a Janome (3160QDC) and I love mine. The threadcutter is one of my favourite features!

    • Yes, I think so too. I’d love to give up my job one day and just sew forever but the thought of that is horrific with this machine. It’s great you love yours! It reassures me that I’m going the right way. I just can’t wait. Xx

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