It’s not just about the cleavage…


For a while now, I’ve been quite stumped about where to find fabric that has a bit more going on. Shops tend to stock the same fabrics; printed cotton (kid/holiday themed); the same Chinese brocade patterns; and the same coloured satins. I got to the point where I was desperate to find something new. God bless bloggers who collate this stuff for me! After a quick search, I found a blog that listed a range of diverse fabrics. It’s given me some great ideas for corsets but it got me thinking about accessories. Corsets are incredible on their own but are often paired with unsuitable accessories. I saw a beautiful corset, modelled by a stunning woman but they had paired it with brown granny stockings. Personally, it ruined the whole look for me. I understand it can be hard finding things to match your corset but the effort needs to be made.

I received the most gorgeous thing I have ever set eyes upon. A Vivienne Westwood hat made by Lock & Co. Now, these are the kinds of accessories I need more of! Ones that make you think “I need to make a corset to match this hat!”. This hat is very limited edition and I am so excited about having one. I’ll definitely be showing it off at a certain conference next year 🙂

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