Shapely Champagne

Custom made corsets are a world of pain until you know exactly what you’re doing. Until that time, I’ve decided to test different corset patterns until I stumble across a pattern I adore.

I bought the Laughing Moon corset pattern from Sew Curvy and made the red satin corset I posted about previously. I would definitely recommend this style for beginners because it is a simple pattern with simple sewing. Saying this, however, you might need to watch a few “how to” videos as the instructions given might only be understood well by those who have had prior experience in sewing corsets. Nevertheless, it’s a great place to start and you can definitely get some great products from it.

Personally, this style of corset is a bit too plain for me. Unless you spend a lot of time customising it with trims and embellishments, it will always be quite plain. I, therefore, looked to see what other patterns were available. To be honest, there are a lot of the same Victorian styles and the shapes of the pattern pieces do not allow for a lot variation on style. If you are unable to use an existing patter and transform it, you will always be limited. The only way to avoid being stuck in the same pattern is to find one that gives you the opportunity to express yourself. Eventually, I stumbled across Ralph Pink’s pattern page. I absolutely love this page because of the range of patterns it has and the cheap prices they are available at. I decided to try the Straight Fronted Corset pattern, as this has great potential for mixing fabric types and colours. The possibilities are endless. You get a range of sizes from UK6 to UK16 and an easy guide about how to print them and how to construct your corset.

I will be making a few different styles of this corset and I have begun with a friend who has very classical, soft looks. I found a duchesse satin in a vintage champagne colour and immediately had a corset in mind. It would be champagne, brown, and lacy. Since she loves butterflies, I thought it would be a great opportunity to use some of the 316 butterflies I purchased recently. I have also bought some brown eyelets to compliment the champagne and will dye the laces to a similar colour.

Here’s a sneak preview so far.

2 Comments on “Shapely Champagne”

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  2. Wonderful photograph – good luck with the explorations. Sounds so beautifully complex. I’m sure you’ll master it! I’m currently a big fan of the Edwardian S shape corset from Morua Designs and am excited to purchase one sometime soon (or hopefully receive one for my birthday, fingers crossed!)

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