316 butterflies later…


s 316 butterflies


So now I have a wonderful reason to make as many corsets as possible, I find that inspiration is finding me again. I mentioned previously that I struggle to come up with ideas for corsets because I’m not an artist; I can’t draw from my imagination. It may be that I’m spending so much time in the fabric shop that corset idea inception is occurring.

I awoke a few mornings ago to realise that the best place to start is to start with what you enjoy the most. Now, I could do a corset on a corset and, in all honesty, I probably will but I have been thinking about doing a lot of Guitar themed corsets. I love Tony Iommi and I’d love to have his signature guitar on my corsets. I also have guitar tattoos that I think would look great as an abstract addition.

As I have finished the red satin corset, it’s time to move on to the vintage champagne satin. I’ve decided to use a brown satin trim and can’t wait to use my butterflies. They came as a continuous trim but I decided to cut them into individual butterflies. And just like any normal OCD person, I had to count them all. I plan to have them on my hips and leading up to my bosom. I’m going to make this a custom fit corset rather than following a pattern. This means I’m in for a world of pain and headaches trying to get it perfect! The most difficult part will be the bosoms. Mine are on las domingas/gazungas side of things so it’ll take a lot of work making sure they have a home within my corset.

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