Feeling blue… Seeing red


ImageSo I’ve had a bit of absence while I’ve been finishing the corset. I said that I’d make sure I finished the blue one before I moved onto the red one. Sadly, things didn’t work out that way. I, very stupidly, rushed the blue corset and forgot that I was doing it all wrong. This resulted in me trying to unpick the seams and damaging a lot of the fabric. In my frustration, I decided it was time for us to part temporarily. I decided to begin the red satin corset because the fabric was easier to work with. Yes, it was a bit of a copout but, I suppose, I felt I needed to start somewhere positive.


I find it all rather terrifying and I have realised why. The last life changing decision I made was deciding to leave London and travel on my own to Manchester to go to university.  It was the best decision I ever made but daunting because I didn’t know anyone. I was starting a new life. This is what is happening now. I’m choosing to take the bull by the horns and hump it. It’s funny when you realise how uninteresting your life can become. Ok, I have a secret lifestyle but, like many others of a similar mindset, that’s very normal because it’s who I am. You choose a job you know you can do, you get bored of that job and look for a similar job in a different place. In actuality, nothing has changed. Until the thought of a new venture has your stomach in knots and you have invasive thoughts about all that could go wrong, you have not made that choice. I have made that choice. For two days I have had knots in my stomach about what I’m planning to do next year. Pure terror, pure excitement. What this means for me is I need to make as many corsets as I can. I need to perfect my techniques and find a style that defines what I enjoy.


My red satin corset is quite plain and simple; a perfect place to start. I’m very pleased with what I have achieved so far but I have so many plans and so little time. For the next I have champagne coloured satin and some beautiful black lace. Let’s see what I manage with that…. 

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