Blue blue electric blue…

I dabbled at making corsets when I was at university, so I understand the basics but I never allowed myself to be truly creative. I’m at a disadvantage because I’m not the typical creative person. I don’t have waves of ideas or see inspiration everywhere I go. I buy fabric, trims, embellishments, and the like, when I see them and appreciate them on their own. Only after do I start creating links between them and seeing what looks stunning together. Somehow, it works.

On my last fabric trip, I was drawn to all the blues. I’ve been wanting very blue corset for a year. The trouble always is you can’t always find the exact shade you want. That prompted me to start making my own. If I could find the desired shade, I could have what I had been coveting.

I started a red and black corset using cheap material a couple of months ago. I wasn’t arrogant enough to assume I’d just hop back onto the saddle and peddle off into the distance. I needed to see if I could still sew in a straight line! Halfway through, I realised I could still do it and abandoned my first attempt. No use wasting the metal!

I got a blue Chinese brocade fabric and didn’t want the usual black binding. After putting the fabric against every ribbon in the shop, I decided on gold. So far all the patter pieces have been cut out and I just need to start putting them together.


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